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Tawnya Casey, B.A.

Canine Behaviour Counsellor

Past Life

My spirit has always led me to a balance between running until I reach my goal and stopping to enjoy the sights along the way. I am never satisfied until all the questions along the way have been answered. My parents told me that I could do anything I set my mind to and I never thought to doubt them.

Why k9case

I am a Canine Behaviour Counsellor and Obedience Trainer committed to the Science of Dog Training and Changing Behaviour. I have a love and respect for dogs that keep me reaching for tools of the trade that both accomplish my training goals and strengthen the bond between people and their dogs. Applying this science to all genres of Canine Human Interaction has led me to create the k9case Training Centre.

Greatest Dog Moment

On Sunday October 19th in 2008, I crossed the finish line of my first Half Marathon with a time of 1:55:15. I owed thanks for my success that day to my training partner and Canine Companion Wegman. Running with Wegman felt like true teamwork. We encouraged each other around every corner and more than anything he inspired me to keep going. He was a dog who never tired and never quit.

In 10 years:

I began my studies at a fundamental level, following the best model for education available. In 1999 I Graduated from the University of Windsor with an Honours B.A. in Psychology. My Psychology background lended itself to further study in Applied canine Behaviour and in 2001 I Completed my Internship in Clinical Canine Behaviour. While my work at The Windsor Humane Society provided a powerful insight into the need for specialized Training in Canine Behaviour Modification, it was working at the veterinary clinic where I first began her career as a Canine Behaviour Counsellor and Obedience Trainer. For three years I applied my education teaching obedience classes and assessing diagnosing and treating behaviour problems by referral of the veterinarians and in collaboration with them when physical illness added to the problem or when medication was a necessary part of treatment. In 2003, three years following my marriage to John, our daughter Willow was born. In 2004 our family was complete with the addition of our son Porter. Keeping a balance with Family and a Career is a top priority for me and I am very proud of both. We moved to Brantford in the fall of 2003 where my work continued in a similar model; working with the veterinary community. In addition to Behaviour Counselling and Obedience Training, I established Puppy Socialization Classes at several of the veterinary clinic around Brantford. In July of 2009, I established the k9case Training and Recreation Centre. I stay current with my education in applied animal behaviour at the University of Guelph learning from top researchers and educators in the field from around the world.

What does my dog mean to me

I am proud to say that Bill is my dog and I am his person. Being a dog, he challenges me to understand and approciate all that he can be. Without being a person he ticks off many of the boxes that describe a best friend. I am glad for the opportunity to know him and learn with him.