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Training doesn't just happen during a specified session, it is occurring with every interaction that you have with your dog. Let us help you make it easy and fun.

PUPPY FUNDAMENTALS - 5 week course

Puppy Fundamentals is a five week course, comprised of obedience training, problem solving and socialization for just $150+HST. Puppies must be under 4 months of age to attend this unique course. Your puppy will develop healthy habits through training and socializing that balances your puppies enthusiasm with self control. Help your puppy to become a friendly adult who is confident, communicative and enjoys working and interacting with you, your family and the community that you live in. It's easier than you can imagine with the right training tools and opportunities.

Your Puppy will learn to:
  • chew on their own toys
  • be gentle with their mouths
  • sit, lay down and come
  • rest when you rest
  • share toys, bones, food and space
  • play games and learn tricks
  • walk without pulling
  • enjoy being handling, examined and groomed
  • greet people without jumping
  • and follow your lead
  • You will learn how and when to use positive training methods including:
  • reinforcing good behaviour - Capturing and Conditioning
  • asking for good behaviour - Luring and Targeting
  • turning good behaviour into great behaviour - Shaping
  • discipline without force - The removal of Positive Reinforcement

  • LEVEL ONE OBEDIENCE - 5 week course

    Level One Obedience teaches important obedience skills that families will use every day while enjoying the company of their dog. It is for dogs who have attended the Puppy Fundamentals program or who are just starting their obedience training. The price of this 5 week course is $150 + HST. All family members are encouraged to attend.

    Your dog will learn to:
  • Come running immediately when called, even with distracted
  • Greet people without jumping up
  • Play and interact appropriately with other dogs of all ages and sizes
  • Stay in the sit position with distracted
  • Lie down and stay for as long as needed
  • Stand for paw wiping, grooming and general handling
  • Walk on leash without pulling
  • Play fun and appropriate games as are ward for working for you
  • Go to mat or place and stay until released
  • Leave distractions and focus on you

  • LEVEL TWO OBEDIENCE - 5 week course

    Level two obedience will continue to teach your dog all of the skills from level one with a focus on off leash control.

    Your dog will learn to:
  • Wait - stop moving from a distance
  • Drop to down from a distance
  • Heel through distractions off leash
  • Come to you and away from playing with other dogs
  • Stay with distractions while you are out of sight

  • LEVEL THREE OBEDIENCE - 6 week course

    Your dog will learn to:
  • Heel, stay, and come when outdoors and in public places
  • Use environmental cues to prompt the correct behaviour

  • * This course is often taught outdoors with real life applications - formally called Applied Obedience

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